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Web Design Service Agreement

The following outlines what you can expect of us as your web designers, and what we will need from you to build you a great web site!

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We require a minimum 35% deposit of the total website design cost to place your project on our docket. When we receive your deposit, we will:

(1) confirm your website requirements
(2) assign a start date
(3) estimate a completion time, given all requirements or web content are provided to us in a timely manner

How it all works.  The first thing we do is work on a graphic design based on the different sections and aesthetic requirements you have for your site. If you already have a logo, this is one of the first things we need before we can begin. If you do not have a logo, we will start with what we call an "Identity Design" (Deluxe plan only) which will serve as the "theme" for the website. So the first thing you will receive for approval will be a mockup of your basic site design, logo or identity design.

After we receive approval for the initial design, we will proceed with making the web site structure. This will basically be the "shell" of your website, with all graphics and navigation totally functioning. When this stage is complete the website "design" or "architecture" is considered "done". Any submission forms, guestbooks, interactive features or content received before the completion of the site design will be included in our definition of "done".

Your website content. Website content is the last thing that we program into your website. We do not need to receive your website content (except, perhaps, information for the very front page of the site) until the "architecture" is complete. That said, it is always best to send as much as you can before we begin building your site.

We ask that you send as much of your materials in electronic format that you can. Electronic format can be by e-mail or sent to us on floppy disk, zip disk, or CD ROM. 

If you would like the ability to add or modify content (which does not include graphic design, navigation, etc) on your website, we need to know this before we begin the site construction.  We can build the site using Microsoft FrontPage 2000, or with our web-based page editing program which does not require you to install additional software on your computer.

The Fine Print. Payment in full is due within 14 days of invoice, which will be issued shortly after the website construction is complete.  The website is considered "done" when we have created a web-ready, working website shell and it has been populated with all content that has been provided to us by the time the shell is completed.

If for some reason the arrival of all or part of your web content does not correspond to the completion of your web "design" (see "How It All Works" above) we will keep your website project on our docket for a reasonable amount of time. If there is a delay in getting content to us, when you are ready for it to be programmed into the site, we will work it into our docket at the earliest possible time. Also, if web content that arrives after the site design is complete requires modification of the web design, additional charges at our hourly rate may be incurred.

Please bear in mind that our web design packages or price quotes do not include budgets for multiple designs. If we design something that completely misses the mark and you reject it in the mockup approval phase, of course, we will do a second design. As designers we can only work within the requirements that you communicate to us, and our workers are gifted with the ability to bring your vision to life. However, consistent miscommunication about website needs or preferences will result in additional charges should the design time exceed our expected time budget. We will responsibly notify you should we begin to encounter such a communication breakdown.

We can assist you in the submitting of your website to search engines, but cannot guarantee it being listed. We will program your website to be "search engine friendly" but we are not responsible for "marketing" your website.

On rare occasion, we may seriously underestimate what it will take to completely develop your website. Should such a situation occur in which you have not made any modifications to your original site requirements, we will promptly notify you of the status and discuss a re-appraisal of the project not to exceed 25% above the original estimated cost. If at any time after the design start date you modify your website requirements, we will let you know if it will affect your original cost quote. If it does, you will be responsible for the resultant additional costs.

If for any reason you require a refund on your deposit, a full refund will be granted only if the request is received before any actual work begins. If we do any work on your project before you request a refund, an amount equal to the time we spent (calculated according to our hourly rate) will be deducted from your refund. No refunds on the deposit will be granted after the site structure is built, even if the site contains no substantial content due to lack of content provided by the client.  Payment for the remainder of a web project is due within 14 days of invoice.

Sending us the deposit for your website indicates your contracting with Kevin Geoffrey Services for Internet services, and your acknowledgement, understanding, and agreement with the statements made in this document.

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